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L’Oreal Vive Pro Reviews

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This is not the best shampoo choice.

Written by , May 4th, 2011

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I wanted to buy a cheap shampoo, and saw L'Oreal Vive Pro on sale for $3.00. This shampoo is supposed to be for damaged hair.


This shampoo is not a good quality shampoo. It was only about $3.00 at my local store so I should have expected that. I usually use all natural shampoos which feel good on my scalp. This shampoo has a strange, creamy smell that I wouldn't expect of a shampoo. It does do the job, but I feel its effect does not last as long as other shampoos. Immediately after showering I still felt dirty, and I wanted to wash my hair again. The next day when I woke up, I saw dandruff in my hair. I know dandruff is a personal problem but with most shampoos my dandruff disappears for a whole day after showering. With this shampoo I still had dandruff after showering. However, the hair did feel smooth and soft.


  • Vive Pro leaves the hair feeling smooth and soft
  • Vive Pro is cheap.


  • This is not a high quality shampoo. Vive Pro is not good for a sensitive or oily scalp.


This shampoo is great for good hair but doesn't work for people with dandruff or sensitive scalp.

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